B2C Link Building Strategies You Should Be Using In 2023

B2C Link Building Strategies You Should Be Using In 2023

B2C Link Building Strategies You Should Be Using In 2023

B2C stands for business-to-customer, which means that you are dealing directly with the consumers who purchase your products or services. The B2C link building techniques and other SEO measures businesses use change slightly based on the type of business. Marketers are overwhelmed by options with the new technologies and the wider choice when it comes to available marketing channels.

To get your B2C marketing to the next level, you must master the best link building strategies. It improves the prominence of your brand and the authority of your content. A good link building strategy will help increase your traffic and lead to more sales while also improving the credibility of your brand.

B2C link building is essential to search engine optimization (SEO) because it can increase a website’s visibility in search results. An effective B2C link building strategy that includes good backlinks show web crawlers the relevance and quality of your website. A good backlink for a trustworthy source shows web crawlers that your content is considered high quality by other reputable sources. This contributes to your rankings in search results.

Definition of a B2C business model
Definition of a B2C business model. Source: WallStreet Mojo

Many customers believe that the first results that come up in the search engine are the best and most relevant ones. Hence the higher your website ranks in these results, the better traffic it will get, leading to better sales. On top of that, your website will look more credible and trustworthy. 

There are different types of links when it comes to SEO link building strategies. Looking at some of them will give us a better understanding of how marketers use them and the best ways to incorporate these strategies to your own link building strategy. 

Internal Links: Internal links have two purposes. The first is to make consumers stay on a website longer. Links point the visitors to more related content on your website, keeping them engaged for longer.

The second reason is to contribute to the crawl ability of your website. This helps Google and other search engines gather new pages and posts that you might have added to your websites and add them to their index. Once there, your web pages will be more likely to show in the search results. 

External Links: At first, the usage of external links seems illogical, and that’s why a lot of bloggers are against using this type of link. As the name suggests, an external link takes you to a different webpage, giving away traffic rather than getting more of it. The SEO practices have shown that using external links in your B2C link building strategy that lead to high-authority websites is good. It boosts the credibility and trustworthiness of your website and guides more people into your niche. Remember the number of links you give away and which sites they lead to. 

Backlinks: This is the type of link that has the most impact on the SEO rank of your website. A backlink is a link from other websites pointing toward your page. This is the difference because external links point traffic away, whereas a good backlink points traffic towards your content. They bring new consumers and increase your traffic. 

Not all backlinks will give you the same amount of traffic. A good backlink depends on the originating website’s authority, quality, and trustworthiness, the website’s age, the number and quality of the backlinks, the link location, etc. An example of a good backlink is a link that is coming from a trusted source or website that has a high domain authority score.

Descriptions of the different types of links used in link building strategies
Descriptions of the different types of links used in link building strategies. Source: Quattr

As you know, there are distinctions between the two categories of audiences for a business-to-business (B2B) and business-to-consumer (B2C) models. B2C audiences are more inclined to click on links in general, and if they locate goods or services via a link, they are also more likely to buy them. Imagine, for instance, that a company sells t-shirts online and promotes its most recent campaign on Facebook or Twitter.  

In such instances, visitors will be more likely to click on their links than those from a company offering business software for handling customer relations and sales operations. This does not imply that corporate software vendors should refrain from establishing connections. They must thus go above and beyond when seeking possibilities and creating content for their audience.

The leads generated by B2B links are generally fewer than their B2C counterparts. This is because B2C companies need more sales to match the same revenue that B2B businesses make.

The primary purpose of B2C link building strategies is to garner the attention of everybody and target an audience active on one or more social media platforms. It is so hard for B2C marketers to get a more significant part of the audience for themselves because there is so much content to consume, leading to stricter competition amongst marketers.

An effective link building strategy relies on great content, relationship building, and utilizing social media
An effective link building strategy relies on great content, relationship building, and utilizing social media. Source: Umbrella Consultants

Focus on Social Media

The goal of B2C link building strategies is to draw in a diverse audience. This entails focusing on social media users who are engaged with other businesses and who are consuming material. The main goal is to generate as much interest in the brand as possible, given the fierce competition among B2C marketers.

The secret to utilizing the material on resource pages of your website in a B2C organization is to use tailored and innovative link development strategies. The main objectives are to increase ranks and generate backlinks. B2C link building tends to expand as a result of the variety of material accessible and the various possibilities to trade links.

A key goal for link building strategies for B2C companies is to optimize links for popular social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. Facebook is important for B2C businesses among these platforms. This is so that they may portray their brand and image to their target audience and customers by using Facebook to draw their attention to their corporate culture.

A particularly successful link building strategy in the B2C industry is brand affiliation. The brand affiliation technique, which is the best conversion technique, uses the following steps: Brand loyalty > Link building > Effective SEO > Lead generation > Conversion > Sale.

For many businesses, affiliate marketing is a virtual channel. While your website may rely on affiliate networks to get the items you’ll advertise, the success of your affiliate marketing activities will depend on affiliate link creation.

Building links to your affiliate website to increase traffic and raise your website’s search engine exposure is what we mean when we say “affiliate link building.” Like any other marketing technique, affiliate B2C link building efforts must be well planned before beginning.

Product Reviews

In a B2C environment, product evaluations significantly impact and can generate a sizable amount of genuine backlinks. Whether they originate from unaffiliated sources or through sponsored collaborations, these assessments support the brand’s image.

Guest Blogging

Guest blogging entails creating a blog post for a different website in your niche, including a link to your website in the text or author profile of the guest post. Strategic guest blogging allows you to show your subject-matter expertise and draw visitors back to your website. At the same time, it assists you in forming relationships with other bloggers and companies in your industry.

To start guest posting, you should find sites related to your sector that welcome guest contributions, produce compelling material that will interest their viewers, and at the end of forum posting, in the article or author bio, provide a link to your website. Guest posting may be helpful for B2C organizations seeking to complete successful link building. Innovative guest blogging also increases your business’s backlinks when done correctly.

Broken link building is a link building strategy that makes use of outdated online content. The steps involved are finding a page related to your niche that contains links that no longer work and requesting the website owners change the links to a functional page on your website.

With broken link building, you’re notifying the website owner that there’s a broken link on their site, which is bad for their SEO, and you’re providing them with a better alternative. If they do replace the broken link with yours, you’ve earned a good backlink.


Using infographics is an old and tested link-building strategy. If done correctly, infographics help you drive more traffic to your website, improve your SEO, or increase your brand awareness online. Infographics are a visual representation of data presented in an understandable format, in diagrams or tables. 

Infographics boost your rankings in the search engine and make your website seem more credible and trustworthy. Moreover, they improve the website’s metrics, increasing the time people spend on your page and the traffic flow toward your site. 

Clickbait Approach

We all know what a clickbait link is. They sound flashy, sensational, and misleading, and the whole idea behind them is to get as many clicks as possible. 

Clickbait links frequently use a particular set of terms and phrases that Google can perceive as spammy. But because they’ve been used so frequently, they no longer add enough value. This suggests the links provide less link juice and can negatively impact your SEO rankings.

Deceptive clickbait links have the potential to be a significant drawback to your SEO strategy. Using them might cause Google to remove your site from its search results completely.

It’s crucial to remember that clickbait is deceptive. In rare cases it could also be true information, but exaggerated or sensationalized. It’s okay if a few clickbait links are sometimes used on more relevant sites or websites as part of a more extensive link profile. If you are planning to use clickbait links in your B2C link building strategies, do it with caution. 

Other Ways to Improve Your B2C Strategy

If you want to get even more traffic to your website and help your B2C link building strategy, there are some other tips and tricks that you can use. We will show you some techniques that will give you better SEO rankings and boost the traffic on your website. However, if you’re still unsure about managing link building strategies yourself, remember that there are link building services available that you can enlist to help.

Use the Right Keywords

The most obvious thing that is essential for an SEO strategy is the usage of the right keywords. Make sure to choose keywords that are searched over the web and use them in your text. Placing the keywords at random places all over your article isn’t helpful and can even turn users off because your content will be hard to read. Use keywords in strategic positions throughout the content. Moreover, try to keep them on the longer side, known as long-tail keywords. While short keywords have benefits, using longer ones can be an excellent way to make them stick.

Check Similar Websites

A good idea is to check what your competitors are doing. You can see what keywords they are using, how they are implementing them into their texts, and if they are using any that match yours. In that case, make sure to either change your keywords or try to use them in more unique and exciting ways so your website stands out. Moreover, you can reverse engineer your competitor’s strategies so you can see what else you can implement into yours. 

You need to utilize backlinking to get as much traffic to your website as possible. While this seems impossible at first glance, it’s not that hard. The main goal is to make other websites in your niche lead users to your web pages. To do that, you need to create an excellent and helpful website that catches the eye of other websites and has credible content. This will make sure the visitors that you get from a good backlink stays as long as possible on your web page and gives you the best chances for getting more backlinks. 

Some tips for getting a good backlink includes:

  • using infographics and other visually driven content
  • including authoritative lists on your web page
  • get in touch with websites that already mentioned you and request they add a good backlink
  • improve the design of your website

Produce Quality Content 

To get your SEO rankings up, you need to have good content. Instead of writing sales or marketing content, focus on useful information that compliments your services or products, but doesn’t feel repetitive or boring. 

For example, if you are running a business with pet toys and accessories, don’t just write how good and high-quality your products are. Instead, write topics connected to the pets, mentioning how your services or products will help the animals. 


B2C link building strategies and techniques are being used by marketers worldwide. Utilizing these strategies will not only help you boost your SEO rankings, but also the quality time the customers spend on your website. That’s why it’s so important to implement the right keywords at the right places, together with the best link building strategies, so users can spend as much time as possible browsing your website, essentially giving you more traffic and better rankings. Make sure to implement other SEO strategies as well, and keep the quality of your content high.




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