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Unlocking Global Opportunities: The Power of International Link Building Services

Amy de Doncker
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If you’ve been trying to increase your web page score on web searches, you’ve probably been introduced to link building. Successful link building strategies boost your webpage’s traffic, increase its domain authority score, and create a vital page backlink profile. This process makes your website more accessible on platforms like Microsoft Bing, Google, and others. 

Indeed, efficient link building can do wonders for your content’s visibility. Your content is much more likely to score high on search engines if you have high-quality links pointing to it. Companies worldwide are investing in international link building services. 

According to statistics from Aira, 46% of marketers invest about USD 10,000 into link building services every year. This article will explain how global link building works and how it can make your brand reach new heights.

What is international link building? As the name suggests, it’s a strategy for improving your visibility worldwide. This means that your website will receive more clicks from users in different countries. In turn, promoting your brand and services to new audiences.

International and domestic link building have some similarities and crucial differences. When you use domestic links, you’re expanding your reach across your local audience. It’s very straightforward since you can do it in your language. 

International link building is based on similar principles. However, it adapts its strategy to a larger scope by using international links. When you use international links, you’ll need multilingual content creation services. This will tap into your target region’s trendiest keywords and topics. 

International link building is considerably more complex than its domestic version. You’ll need some essential information before launching your marketing campaigns in a new region. So, the first challenge is to research international target markets. It means identifying your target countries, adjusting your content to local languages, and understanding their search habits.

Terms and expressions can vary even across countries that share the same language. For instance, “purse” in American English refers to a woman’s handbag, while it usually refers to a woman’s wallet in British English. The term you use will depend on the English-speaking country you wish to target.

Your target audience may have different behaviors in different countries. It means that the hottest keywords in your domestic market won’t necessarily be the best elsewhere. You’ll need to analyze the statistics of top searches, most common keywords, and cultural features that might influence your target audience. For instance, if your company wants more visibility in Sweden, your content should be optimized for Google.se. It’ll include the most searched keywords, trendiest topics, etc.

Understanding local preferences is essential for creating content that resonates with your target audience. That trendy reality show that engages millions in one country might be completely irrelevant in another. That’s why you’ll need to invest in localized content in your target language. 

To create something culturally relevant, you’ll need a deep understanding of local habits and interests. Link building service prices vary widely, ranging between USD 100 and USD 1,500 for a single link. They depend on variables like the quality of those links and niche competitiveness. Still, you can find affordable link building services with reliable results.

There’s an African proverb that says, “If you want to go fast, go alone, but if you want to go far, go together.” Finding international partners for your campaign considerably improves your chances of success. Here’s what you can do to build popularity for international audiences. 

Consider collaborating with influencers, bloggers, and businesses in your target markets. It’s always challenging for foreign companies to establish their authority in new lands where nobody knows them. In such cases, looking for local influencers, celebrities, and popular brands is advisable to promote your company’s name. 

You’ll need to adapt your content to become appealing to international websites and platforms. Acquiring quality international backlinks involves creating linkable content, identifying popular trends, and, more importantly, creating content that other sources will want to quote.

You’ll need special tools to build links in different countries. These tools will help you navigate varied keywords, languages, and translations. Both outreach and link building campaigns require special tools. Here’s what you need to know.

Overview of Tools for Conducting International Keyword Research and Competitive Analysis

There are tools for automating and optimizing keyword research in different regions and languages. The Google Ads Keyword Planner is a prime example of a free yet high-quality tool. It also provides accurate information about competitors, search volume, and top pages. However, it doesn’t offer competition analysis like other subscription-based options. 

Still, competitive analysis is an essential feature. You’ll find it in tools like SEMrush. It gives insights into what keywords your competitors are already ranking instead of a list of keyword suggestions. It has a vast international database with over 9.4 billion keywords and 450 million domains. 

If you want to promote your content in localization with a different language, you’ll need multilingual link building services. You’ll also need “SEO translation,” which translates and applies the most relevant keywords in your target area or language. In contrast, SEO localization involves adjusting your content to regional cultural trends, behaviors, and vocabularies. SEO tools can help you in both cases.

Additionally, it’s advisable to look for specialized content creation services. Plus, talk to local SEO consultants and use translation memory. You’ll find translation memory features in most translation software. This feature keeps a database of previously translated tasks. It applies machine learning (ML) to identify segments equivalently translated in your target language.

You’ll need outreach strategies to build successful international link building campaigns. Outreach campaigns include contacting potential individuals and websites with industry relevance to add your links there. This strategy increases your website’s domain authority. In turn, this increases brand visibility and organic traffic. 

Outreach tools, like BuzzSumo and BuzzStream, can automatically provide suitable sites for collaboration. This will significantly improve your chances of successful link building. SEMrush, Pitchbox, and Respona are some of the most popular tools for managing such campaigns. Pitchbox, for instance, allows users to create workflows to optimize each campaign step.

International Directories and Industry Associations 

Submitting Websites to Relevant International Directories

Your website can reach a much larger audience if you enlist it in international industry associations and directories in your target area. Likewise, your website should be listed in regional associations, directories, and online libraries.

Joining Industry Associations and Participating in International Events 

Industry association websites can connect you with new business opportunities. Participating in international industry events can also increase brand awareness.

There are several excellent reasons to start investing in international link building. Read about the main ones below.

Credibility and Trustworthiness in Your Target Country

Businesses that invest in international link building can bring their products to broader audiences. Plus, it positively impacts brand awareness at a global level. Companies capable of reaching international audiences can develop tailor-made solutions for different markets.

Improve Search Engine Ranking in Your Target Country

HubSpot employed international link building techniques to expand its inbound marketing platform globally. The tech company invested in high-quality content with localized keywords, which helped it reach international customers from different regions. 

Key markets also received dedicated support teams during the campaign. The strategy was highly accurate, and HubSpot saw an increase in international sign-up figures and a significant increase in its global user base. HubSpot’s case demonstrates the benefits of international link building.

Increase Brand Awareness in Your Target Country

Businesses more attuned to local preferences across regions can significantly increase brand awareness and sales figures. That’s why the most competitive ones invest in researching online search behaviors and regional trends of specific markets.

Attract New Customers from Different Markets

When your content receives clicks from different countries, it helps search engines rank you as a “global authority” for that subject or keyword. This means it’ll increase your content’s relevance to a wide and varied audience. In turn, this results in higher domain authority scores for your website. Plus, you’ll be better positioned on Google searches related to your niche.

Why Buzznberry?

You’ll find the best and most cost-effective link building services at Buzznberry. We offer link building services in multiple countries. This counts on a large pool of specialized native writers in more than 70 languages. 

You’ll need original content to engage with your target audience, and our team of specialists can provide just that: plagiarism-free and 100% human-written. More importantly, we only use white hat link building techniques and focus on niche-relevant backlinks.

Key Takeaways 

Nowadays, online presence is a vital feature for any competitive business. Link building strategies increase your brand’s relevance in your industry segment and find new partners. The same principles apply when you’re trying to enter international markets. You’ll need to communicate to regional audiences appealingly. This means using the right keywords and contacting the right local partners.

It’s essential to conduct detailed market research about your target area. This includes insights into its demands and expectations. Efficient international link building strategies involve engagement with local content creators and translators. 

Indeed, it’s the most efficient way to reach new audiences abroad. They have market expertise and cultural knowledge to attract local customers. However, it’s necessary to keep track of engagement and feedback and adjust your strategies accordingly.


International link building strategies make cross-border marketing campaigns viable and straightforward. A successful strategy won’t return results overnight, though. It requires time and effort. Thanks to online tools and platforms, some of which are free, it’s much easier for small businesses and individuals to forward their products to an international audience.

Every long journey begins with the first step. So, if you plan to cater to international audiences in the future, you’ll need to start investing in international link building opportunities today. Subscription-based tools can help you develop and apply your link building strategy. Additionally, you can start using free, high-quality options like Google Ads Keyword Planner. 

Consider hiring content creators and influencers with local market expertise. They’ll speak your target audience’s language using localized keyword optimization. Plus, you can also use automated translated tools to promote your content in different languages. Contact Buzznberry and take advantage of our resources, which are well-seasoned to help you along the way. 

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Unlocking Global Opportunities International Link Building



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