Understanding the Different Types of Link Building Services

Understanding the Different Types of Link Building Services

Amy de Doncker
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If you’re trying to pump up your website in search engines, you probably came across the concept of link building already. Effective link building strategies are the core of successful marketing campaigns that ultimately increase your website’s search engine rankings. There are several types of link building services that can significantly improve your online visibility.

However, enhancing your website’s search engine optimization isn’t easy. Many companies resort to link building services for agencies. That’s why we’ve elaborated this comprehensive guide about link building strategies and how they can help your business flourish digitally.

Link building is a vital part of search engine optimization (SEO) and a tactic for putting your website at the top of search engines. It’ll be easier to understand how link building for SEO works if we remember that search engines like Google are businesses like any other. Since their business is to provide quality information, they need to ensure that every search will deliver valuable content for their users.

It means that search engines have a long list of criteria to assess whether your content is relevant to your niche. Your website will be evaluated better if other sources quote your content in this context. 

You can build links, also called “backlinks,” by placing your website links on another platform. Many companies do so by hiring expert link building services. The higher the quality and quantity of your backlinks, the higher your website’s domain authority.

However, there isn’t only one way to do it. Indeed, you’ll need varied link building strategies to create a healthy backlink profile. Besides, there are different strategies for different goals. 

This means you’ll need to understand how each one works to choose the most effective link building strategy and tactics for your needs.

Link building services aim to increase your business visibility by quoting from other high-quality sources. There are many ways to get high quality backlinks. Many companies offer link building packages, mixing up the most relevant options for your goals and needs.

You could theoretically build links independently. However, link building efforts can be very time-consuming and tricky for non-specialists. 

So, if you want to achieve your goals quickly, you’ll surely be better off hiring independent SEO link building services. Professional link builders know about the latest techniques and trends in this niche and will be able to develop bespoke solutions for your business.

Link building services will take a chunk of your SEO budget. So, you’ll need to be ready to use about 28% of this budget in building links. Over 34% of the companies spend USD 1,000 monthly only on link building services. 

Guest Posting Services

Guest posting or guest blogging consists of building your backlink profile by posting your content on other websites. This content will have backlinks pointing back to your website. This means another website will quote you as a relevant source. 

Guest posting is the best choice if you’re trying to improve traffic, domain authority, and brand visibility. These are some of the core metrics assessed by Google’s webmaster guidelines.

Search engines like Google see valuable backlinks as a sign of trustworthiness. This means your content matters for other relevant sites in your market. Here, focusing on quality rather than quantity is more important. Low quality links can impact your domain and page authorities negatively.

If you want to use this link building tactic, remember to look for websites with high domain authority that are important in your field. More importantly, you’ll need to create high-quality content relevant to your chosen blog or website.

However, there are risks to this link building tactic. Google’s search engine typically downgrades websites that try to manipulate their rankings via guest posting. This usually happens when poor content is posted for the sake of link building or when you pay for links. 

Your content must use a tone of voice similar to the articles on the same website. Its readers might not enjoy a different writing style from the one they’re already used to.

Blogger Outreach Services

Instead of posting your content on someone else’s blog, you can get bloggers or social media influencers to promote it. In this case, companies partner up with online celebrities from the same field of interest. They use their popularity to talk directly to their target audiences. 

More than backlinks, this link building tactic can get valuable mentions for your brand. This can result in a higher domain authority and a better placement on search engines.

This collaboration can bring sponsored posts, product reviews, giveaways, and special events. As the name suggests, sponsored posts are commissioned by a company to promote specific products or services. 

In some countries, influencers must declare when they receive money to promote brands, products, and services. Bloggers can also create content like product reviews to promote its most relevant features. Blogger outreach services are perfect if you plan to encourage giveaway marketing campaigns.

Blogger outreach strategies, albeit effective, can be very time-consuming. It’s often tricky to establish a solid partnership with bloggers, especially if you don’t have a dedicated team for the task. Blogger outreach link building strategies also require a lot of patience since you’ll come across many unresponsive or uninterested bloggers.

Editorial links or “earned links” are backlinks acquired organically without you having to pay for them. For this reason, this is the most desired kind of link building. It’s also a sign of your page’s success. While eCommerce pages are unlikely to get such links, helpful content such as guides and online tools can get plenty of them since they’re often beneficial for readers.

Better still, editorial links don’t violate Google’s Spam Policies. Unlike with other link building services, this is a risk-free strategy. This means your content won’t ever be downgraded by search engines. 

After all, organically earned links are an unmistakable sign of relevance and trustworthiness. The top content that earns links are infographics, online tools, statistics, tutorials, and guides.

Still, you can pitch to different websites to quote your content. Reach out for newsletters, invest in paid promotions, and update outdated sources for future reference. 

Editorial link building techniques increase your domain authority, organic traffic, and referral traffic. However, it’s a pretty complicated strategy. Even more so for those trying their luck with manual link building. Often, it requires a dedicated team of professionals.

Resource page link building is also a widespread strategy for acquiring quality backlinks. In this case, you’ll build a backlink profile from websites that curate links with industry resources. Resource site owners will love to receive links to new resources to update their websites. Quite often, these websites request submissions to help keep their content fresh and accurate.

The resource page link building process starts with researching relevant resource pages in your niche. Then, you’ll need to contact the site owner to offer your resources. You can easily find lists of resource pages online and start from the most relevant ones. There are online tools that help you assess vital information about any given page. It can be domain traffic, page traffic, linked domains, and others.

It’s a very interesting strategy since not many companies invest in it. However, there aren’t many resource pages, so it can be tricky. This kind of page doesn’t always welcome help, though. You’ll likely face a lower conversion rate in this link building tactic. That’s why many companies try to build a relationship with site owners before pitching their content. However, resource pages typically offer high quality links.

Broken link building is a tactic where you find broken links on a website. Then, suggest the site owner replace them with one of your links. In this case, you’ll look for links leading to “404 Not Found” pages. It’s a pretty effective strategy for link acquisition via other websites.

It also has considerable potential for conversion since you’ll also offer a kind of service to the hosting site, as no one wants dead links.

The best part is that you don’t need to go to pages individually to find broken links. Some online tools can do that. Scanning an entire website in search of dead links in just a few seconds. 

Additionally, these tools point out the presence of potentially harmful links. These tools are also used to evaluate competitors’ websites and search for broken links. Broken links are common in resource pages, leading to no longer existing content.

Broken link building strategies have several benefits for all parties involved. The hosting sites get to update their external links with more valuable backlinks. Ultimately It’ll provide a better user experience to the host site. It can also help you build new relationships, expanding your business opportunities. 

However, searching for new broken links can be very time-consuming. Also, Google Crawler hasn’t been crawling broken links lately. So, it potentially compromises your SEO value.

Skyscraper Technique

The steps to implementing the Skyscraper Technique.
The steps to implementing the Skyscraper Technique. Source: GoodFirms

This ambitious link building technique consists of developing content that’s better than the websites with the highest rankings. The main point here is to get highly ranked sites to link back to you. This will make your content outperform theirs on SERPs (search engine results pages). This concept compares the best-scoring content to a skyscraper. Your main goal is to build an even taller one.

This link building method has three steps. First, you’ll need to find the top-ranked content with the most backlinks. Then, you’ll need to develop an improved version of this content with more information, infographics, quality links, etc. Finally, secure your backlinks by spreading the word via email outreach. 

When sending outreach emails, remember to make them look personal instead of commercial. Additionally, you must send those emails from an address with your website’s domain.

This technique has many benefits, starting from the development of high quality content for you. The skyscraper link building efforts usually save time in the creation process by crowd-sourcing part of it. Moreover, it can have a significant impact on your organic traffic stats.

However, outperforming high-ranking content can be pretty complicated. It’s always clear when top-rated content has room for improvement, and you can end up with redundant content instead.

Niche Edits

The benefits of niche edits for link building.
The benefits of niche edits for link building. Source: Editorial link

Niche edits or “link insertions” are backlinks inserted into content that has already been published. So, you’ll be requesting to add your link to an existing piece. It’s unlike guest posting, where you need to create brand-new content with your link in it. It’s a practical and affordable option to build up your backlink profile quickly.

A successful niche edit strategy must consider the relevance of your backlinks to your target piece, its domain ranking, and citation and trust flow. After running authority tests, we also recommend checking if the website has potentially harmful links using the aforementioned online tool.

There are a few steps to secure niche edits. Firstly, you’ll need to find relevant websites in your field. Then, you’ll have to look for the site owner’s email and send them your best pitch. 

Specialists suggest skipping the fluff in this case and going straight to the point in a clear and concise manner. Preferably, the costs should be added creatively and non-negatively. Don’t be upset if your first pitch is ignored. Instead, work on the follow-up and send new emails every two to five days.

Notice that search engines may take a while to identify niche edit links. It’s because you’ll add new content to an already indexed page. It can take months until search engine algorithms realize your link is there. 

You won’t have any control over the content where the link was posted. Worse still, your domain can be penalized if the search engine understands you’re trying to manipulate it.

The steps performed in the HARO strategy for link building.
The steps performed in the HARO strategy for link building. Source: Thrive

HARO is a very popular platform connecting bloggers and journalists, where they can exchange sources and stories. This type of link building strategy allows you to give expert insights in return for backlinks to your page.

The HARO technique helps you earn high-quality links to highly ranked news publications. It’s also an opportunity for exposure for journalists. This strategy also allows your brand to establish authority in your niche.

The first step is to sign up for HARO and set up your account. You’ll receive daily queries from journalists looking for trustworthy sources. So you can filter the best opportunities for your business. Once again, you’ll need to craft a compelling pitch to get your backlinks where you want. You’ll also need to monitor your backlinks with link building tools like Google Analytics.

This tactic can build bridges between your business, industry experts, and influencers in your niche. In turn, boosting your referral traffic numbers. However, it’s easy to get overloaded with options, and not all queries deserve your attention. That’s why you always need to double-check on the journalist and the publication. Also, it’s not always easy to determine whether you’re really talking to an expert.

A report shows how Infographic link building attracts more engagement. Source: Content Marketing Institute via Linkdoctor.io

As the name suggests, infographic link building involves creating visually attractive infographics that other sources will want to quote. Different types of infographics can be used. 

However, they must always be research-backed and easy for customers to read. There are statistical, informational, timeline, geographic, comparison, hierarchical, listicle, and process infographics. Moreover, some key features are common to all successful infographics. You’ll need a catchy headline, logical flow, structure, clear and focused content, comprehensible visuals, and balanced design elements. 

Apart from catchy infographics, you’ll also need to craft a compelling outreach email to get them out. Check out a few outreach email templates to inspire you. Also, ensure you send a personalized message to each site you pitch.

This kind of link building has a meaningful impact on your SEO strategy, as you’ll get highly relevant backlinks. Infographics also increase user traffic and engagement. Usually with a high success rate. Building links via infographics is also very cost-effective, delivering a high ROI. 

Still, too complex infographics may miss the point of conveying information in a straightforward manner. Since countless infographics are flooding the internet these days, they risk becoming white noise in the crowd.

There are many link building agencies out there. But some key factors will help you tell the best from the rest. The best link building services agency will have a solid portfolio and track record, clear and transparent communication, and tailormade approaches for each of your targets. 

It’s crucial to assess your needs and goals before hiring a link building service. There isn’t a rule of thumb here. Each business will have different needs. Otherwise, your link building campaign may not reach the desired business goals.

Firstly, assess your backlink quality, quantity, and target keywords’ competitiveness. It’s also important to review the linkability of your content. Is it link worthy? Plus, ensure your SEO strategies and goals will be met. 

Only then you’ll be able to pick the best link building strategies for your company and shop for the best link building company in the market.

Matching Services to Your Needs

Now that you have a clear picture of what you need from your agency, it’s time to compare budgets and track records. Look for companies that have excelled in the specific link building campaigns you want for your business. 

It’s crucial to run thorough research on the company’s reviews and reputation before hiring its services. Explore its portfolio and analyze the samples to assess the quality of the work.

Additionally, their link building methods must match your SEO goals and strategies. Moreover, you’ll want to stick to companies that use white-hat SEO tactics only. 

The white hat SEO tactics ensure that your link building remains within Google’s guidelines. This will ensure you avoid penalties for spammy tactics.

Furthermore, you’ll be better off mixing different approaches like manual outreach and organic link building tactics. Check out some of the templates available online. Then, mix different tactics and approaches that can inspire your strategy.

Evaluating Service Providers

There are plenty of link building service providers out there that promise more organic traffic, engagement, high ROI, etc. Still, it’s up to you to evaluate whether those companies can deliver the promised results. 

That’s why you need to carefully analyze each company before making up your mind. It requires going beyond advertisements and samples. One of the most effective ways to start your analysis is by looking for testimonials and case studies.

Check whether they use white hat link building practices, industries, niches, fair business practices, transparency, and cost-effectiveness. Above all, look for successful cases and how this company made a difference in the entire process. 

It’s also important to compare budgets while choosing between two or more agencies. However, it’s even more important to count on a dedicated manager to ensure smooth communication throughout the entire link building campaign.

You must also pay attention to red flags while looking for a new agency. Indeed, choosing an agency that employs spammy tactics can seriously harm your website’s ranking on search engines. That’s why it’s vital to understand the kind of methods and techniques these agencies use. 

Paid links, link farms, links from spun articles, and solicited links are some of the examples penalized by Google. If the promised results seem too good to be true, it’s because they probably are.

Additionally, watch out for hidden costs. If the agency tries to charge you for services that weren’t agreed upon, it’s time to look for another one. Top agencies are always transparent about their techniques and practices, and lack of transparency is usually a sign of untrustworthiness. 

Remember, the link building market is vast. You don’t need to stick to companies that offer no customization and have a one-size-fits-all approach.

Beyond the Service: Building a Sustainable Strategy

If you want your website to navigate safely through Google’s moving guidelines, you’ll need to find a long-term strategy based on white-hat tactics that reinforce your SEO efforts. 

What’s “white-hat link building,” though? Simply put, there are ethical and unethical ways of acquiring backlinks and improving SEO. While spammy tactics are considered “black-hat” tactics, white-hat tactics improve SEO without using manipulative means. It’s just like buying backlinks or resorting to link farms.

The difference between Black Hat and White Hat strategies.
The difference between Black Hat and White Hat strategies. Source: Neil Patel

If Google catches you red-handed, your domain authority and online visibility may be severely damaged. In contrast, white hat tactics have several benefits in the long run. This includes consistently increasing your website’s authority, quality traffic, and SEO rankings. So, white-hat tactics are at the core of sustainable link building campaigns.

HARO, press releases, guest posting, and broken link building are some of the most popular and effective white-hat tactics today. Press releases are very effective in the acquisition of new backlinks. 

The best part is that you don’t need to be famous or have a big business to run a press release. All you need is newsworthy and engaging content for your niche. Using high-quality content can do wonders for your website optimization and naturally attract more backlinks.

Buzznberry is ready to cover all your link building needs, providing high quality content in more than 70 languages. More importantly, Buzznberry is committed to only using white-hat link building practices, resulting in niche-relevant backlinks. 

Our content is strictly vetted against black-hat practices like link farms, spam, etc. Better still, our content is 100% original, written by experts in their native language, and completely AI-free.

We offer link building and content writing services. Plus, you can customize your own package of services, adjusting the budget according to your strategy. 

We carefully curate our backlinks to ensure a spam score below 10%. Our team of writers work around the clock to deliver every new order on time. We’re also transparent regarding our link placement tactics.

Building links effectively requires a clear marketing strategy, prospecting new links, developing personalized outreach, and investing in quality links. Buzznberry will be on your side every step of the way, helping you make the best decisions in each.


There are many ways to increase the quantity and quality of your backlinks. However, you must have a clear idea of the goals you want to achieve and how to do it before hiring a link building agency. Moreover, your best choice will always be a company that only uses white-hat strategies. Plus, one that offers a wide array of services in multiple languages.

In short, your best choice is Buzznberry. Our SEO professionals are ready to partner up with you to develop the best link building campaign for your goals. Contact us to learn about our services and how we can help your brand reach a wider audience.

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Understanding the Different Types of Link Building Services



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